Anxiety and Illness Behaviours Laboratory


2011  Canadian Association for Graduate Studies Distinguished Dissertation Award in Engineering, Medical Sciences, and Natural Sciences
2011 Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal 
2010  President’s Distinguished Graduate Student Award
2010 Outstanding Young Alumnus Crowning Achievement Award, University of Regina Alumni Association
2010 Canadian Psychological Association Travel Grant
2010 Graduate Student Scholarly Research Award, University of Regina
2009 Canadian Institutes of Health Research Brain Star Award
2009 Inspiring Sessionals Teaching Award, University of Regina
2006-2009 Canadian Institutes of Health Research Canadian Graduate Doctoral Scholarship
2003-2010 Research Trainee Award – Canadian Institutes of Health Research – NET Program Primary Investigators – G. J. G. Asmundson, S. Taylor, M. B. Stein, J. Katz, B. J. Cox, & K. Jang



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